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Saturday, 22 Jun 2024

Great job

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with our very complicated order and shipments. Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone at Printcorp - We are very pleased with the quality of the books - you were able to address all of our concerns. On shipping and customs we came in substantially under my worst-case-scenario budget (except in one or two places like Georgia) due to your experience in the region and especially due to your willingness to be patient while the bureaucratic process on the receiving end slowly ground forward. Unfortunately we were ultimately unable to send books to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan, but we did get everything we wanted to our two main markets - Russia and Kazakhstan.

I think if we had printed at Amity in China we may have saved a bit of money on printing but I think we would have spent much, much, more in shipping and customs. Your location inside of the Russian customs zone was absolutely critical to shipping books inexpensively to Moscow, Kazan, and he Caucasus.

Thanks for the job well done.

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