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Wednesday, 24 Jul 2024

We here

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in Africa are proud of Printcorp, the staff, the quality product you deliver. My heart runs over for joy at hearing that the Malagassy Bibles are almost ready. I just returned from there last week after arranging for the coming of God's Word and everything is ready.

We will have a big celebration to thank the Lord when it has arrived and before it begins to be distributed.  There will be feasting, music and singing and choirs and all kinds of joyful noise unto the Lord.How the Children of God long for the Bibles there because they know of so many young (new) Christians who have no Bibles. I have connections with over 900 new churches that sprung up the last two years or so where in  most congregations only one person has a Bible. So thank you staff of Printcorp.

We appreciate so much what you at Printcorp are doing for the Kingdom of our God and I would encourage you to go on as long as you can ... even though the going may be tough at times. Don't give up. You are working in the greatest ammunition and weapons factory in the world. The weapons of the world kill and wound  but your weapons give Life - it heals the broken hearted. What you print will be used of God to help turn Africa to Jesus and it has already done so.

Thank you very very much. May the God of the Living Word reward you richly and fill you with His love and joy and may He greatly prosper you and your family.

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